Pet Exams

At Foothill Vet Clinic, we know how important your pet is to your family. They’re your best friend, work out buddy, and cuddle bug. Although they live fewer years than we do, our goal is to prolong their life with preventive medicine so you can enjoy many more years with them. Annual pet exams are strongly encouraged so we can stay on top of their changing needs and address any problems quickly and effectively.
When you schedule your pet’s consultation with our veterinarian, your pet will get an examination of each body system. We will take a look at the pet’s ears, eyes, teeth, vitals and answer and concerns you may have. Depending on your pet’s health needs, we can also advise further diagnostic testing, such as blood work or X-rays.
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Making Your Pet’s Health Our Priority
With annual pet exams, we’re able to develop a baseline for your pet’s health that allows us to more easily detect subtle signs of illness in the future. Early detection is key to your pet’s lasting well-being. It helps us treat illnesses before they have time to progress, which means less stress on your pet (and your wallet). At every pet exam, we’ll perform a comprehensive evaluation of your cat’s or dog’s health to ensure we don’t miss anything.