Foothill Vet Clinic is a full service veterinary clinic, located in the San Fernando Valley. Our experienced staff is dedicated to providing your furry family member high quality, affordable veterinary care, including X-rays.
X-Rays for Diagnosis
Just like when you are injured and visit a doctor, X-rays are helpful in diagnosing a wide range of pet health issues. X-rays are a painless way to evaluate skeletal and muscle problems, such as arthritis, bone fractures and hip dysplasia. X-rays can also be used to examine internal organs such as the heart, intestine, kidneys, liver and lungs. An X-ray can identify irregularities in these organs ranging from a disease or tumor to puppy problems such as a swallowed toy.
Most Common Reasons for Animal X-Rays
X-rays may be necessary for a range of different issues. Here are the most common situations where our vet would use X-ray technology on your pet:
• Fractured or broken bones
• Infections
• Tumors
• Kidney stones
• Obstructions
• Heart conditions
• Lung disease